Troubling posts on social media

To: Baskin School of Engineering

From: Alexander Wolf, Dean, Baskin School of Engineering

Note: Media inquiries should be directed to UC Santa Cruz Director of News and Media Relations Scott Hernandez-Jason at 831-459-4347.


In the past few days on social media, deeply troubling allegations that a faculty member in the Baskin School of Engineering has harassed, discriminated, and abused students on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion, and/or gender have surfaced.

I want to let you all know that allegations of misconduct similar to those contained in online posts have been reported and referred to the appropriate campus offices for investigation.

Unfortunately, the online discussion has also led to a lot of speculation about who is involved. It’s important that we protect the privacy of everyone involved, and I encourage our community to reach out to appropriate people on campus if they have information they believe needs to be shared.

I also want to be perfectly clear: harassment, bullying, racism—and other forms of abusive conduct—have no place in our school or the university. Our community is one that values our differences and recognizes the unique contributions by everyone at UC Santa Cruz.

I encourage anyone who has been subject to abusive conduct to seek help.