In Memoriam: Shane Sanchez

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Alex Belisario, Senior Director, College Student Life at Crown and Merrill Colleges

As we begin the new year, it is with great sadness that I share Crown College CRE Shane Sanchez passed away during the winter break.

Shane has been a member of the CHES family since 2005, working with graduate student housing, the University Town Center, and joining the Crown/Merrill family in 2011 as the CRE for the Crown apartments. Shane’s exuberance for students and his job could be seen in his colorful restoration of the Crown/Merrill Community Room and recurring events including the C/M welcome bbq, and Diagon Alley. Shane was also the advisor of the Tabletop Gaming Association, who make the Crown/Merrill dining hall their home every weekend.

But Shane was a recognized personality around campus, having both taught and frequented OPERS rec classes and participating in a variety of campus events. Some of my first memories of Shane were student accounts of wickedly tough classes they’d attended. Shane also gave his time to assist the University Interfaith Council.

With his generous spirit, Shane had a way of showing up for others in times of need or taking on a menial task no one else wanted to do. Shane believed in his Resident Assistants as empowered leaders and strongly advocated for students every opportunity he had. Shane was one of a kind, and his brightly colored presence will surely be missed up here on the hill.

Please join me in sending good thoughts to Shane’s partner, Gina, and his family, including his sweet dog Galaxy.

As we enter the new quarter, thank you for continuing to be present and supportive for our students and each other as we move through this difficult time. If you need additional support, you may also want to access the Employee Assistance Program at 1–866–808–6205 (

A celebration of life is being planned for early February and more information will be available on the Crown College website

Alex Belisario