Beach hazard warning through Friday morning

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Lisa Ehret, Director, Office of Emergency Services

The National Weather Service has issued a Beach Hazard Statement for sneaker waves.
This means that conditions are present to support a heightened risk of unsuspecting beach goers being swept into the sea by a wave. People walking along the beach should never turn their back to the sea. 
Recommendations if going to the beach:
  • Never turn your back to the ocean. Always keep your eyes on the ocean.
  • Stay away from and out of the water during swell events.
  • Stay further back from the water's edge and off rocks and jetties.
  • If an area is wet, assume that another wave will reach that location again.
  • Do not attempt to rescue pets that have been swept into the sea, most pets will make it out of the water on their own.