Sophos Antivirus Software Replaced with SentinelOne

To: UCSC Faculty and Staff

From: Chief Information Security Officer, Byron Walker

Over the last several months, ITS technicians have been removing the antivirus software, Sophos, from UCSC managed computers and replacing it with SentinelOne. That work is now complete and we’d like to help answer a few questions and find out if you still have Sophos installed on your computer.

How do I know if I have Sophos or SentinelOne on my computer?

One way to tell is the Sophos icon was replaced by the SentinelOne icon in the system tray for PCs and on the menu bar for Macs for all UCSC managed computers.

I still have Sophos on my system. What should I do?

Please contact the ITS Support Center or your local ITS staff for assistance with removing Sophos and installing SentinelOne by emailing or opening a ticket at The UCSC Sophos AntiVirus contract has expired, and while the client will still provide some protection, it will no longer be updated and will become increasingly vulnerable.

How do I get SentinelOne?

SentinelOne was automatically installed on all UCSC managed computers. If you do not have a UCSC managed computer and need help installing SentinelOne, contact the ITS Support Center or your local ITS staff by emailing or opening a ticket at

What should I do if I see a notice from SentinelOne of malicious malware activity?

There's really nothing you need to do. The ITS security team is automatically notified of any malicious malware activity on any UCSC managed computer and will take appropriate measures. You will be contacted if needed.

A program I use suddenly stopped working after installing SentinelOne. What should I do?

Contact the ITS Support Center or your local ITS staff by emailing or opening a ticket at with the name of your system, the system IP address, and the program that has ceased working. Usually you will see a warning popup from SentinelOne, but if you are unsure of why a program may have stopped working, contact ITS for assistance.

Read more about SentinelOne:

If you have questions or concerns, please submit an IT Request ticket at, or contact the ITS Support Center by email or telephone 831-459-HELP(4357).

Thank you.