Moschkovich named 2019 distinguished scholar

Head shot of Judit Moschkovich
Judit Moschkovich

Judit Moschkovich, professor of mathematics education, has been selected to receive the 2019 Distinguished Scholar Award from the Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education, a subunit of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Moschkovich is the sixth scholar selected for the honor since the start of the award in 2006. The award recognizes those whose research has contributed to the theoretical development of the field of mathematics education, and who have expanded the research capacity of the field in ways that are used regularly by others. Recipients are selected by a committee of scholars in the field of mathematics education.

Moschkovich, who is a 2018 fellow of the AERA, will receive the award and deliver an invited address to the Special Interest Group during the AERA Annual Conference in April.

 In the award letter, the selection committee noted Moschkovich's influence on a broad range of researchers and practitioners over three decades and her "major impact on the intersection of discourse and mathematics learning, including investigations of mathematics discourse involving non-dominant populations of students as well as challenging deficit views towards bilingual mathematics learners."

The AERA is the largest national interdisciplinary research association devoted to the scientific study of education and learning.