Campus review of the revised Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment Policy

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services and Jean Marie Scott, Associate Vice Chancellor, Risk and Safety Services

In response to recent revisions to the UC Office of the President Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment policy as well as campus feedback, Business and Administrative Services is proposing updates to the UC Santa Cruz Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment policy and invites your comments.

Minor changes include minor wording changes, clarifications, structural changes (combining or reorganizing sections), addition of definitions and references, elimination of repetition, elimination of outdated requirements, fixed/changed links.

Substantive changes include the following:

  • Changed policy title and number to Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment BAS-0007.
  • Changed the responsible department from EH&S to Risk Services and added implementation authority for the Assistant Director, Workers Compensation.
  • Revised Section VI Exceptions to the Policy:
    • To include individuals practicing recognized traditional ceremonies involving tobacco use. Added guidelines for who will be consulted in the event of a denial and appeal.
    • Deleted the exception for theatrical productions requiring the appearance of smoking.
    • Deleted the exception for property acquired or received by gift or bequest to the university.
    • Deleted “tobacco use for educational or clinical purposes” from the research exception.

The current, proposed, and redlined versions are available online.

Please submit your comments to Elise McCandless ( by October 30, 2018.

If no substantial comments are received, this policy will be forwarded to the CP/EVC on or after October 31, 2018, for approval. The final policy will be effective as of the date of CP/EVC approval and published on the Administrative Policy website at

We greatly value your input. Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.