Proposed policy updates on protecting personally identifiable information

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Policy Coordination Office

The Office of the President invites comments on a proposed Presidential Policy, Protection of Administrative Records Containing Personally Identifiable Information (BFB-RMP-7).

The revised policy addresses the following key issues:

  • Combines and updates Privacy of and Access to Information Responsibilities (BFB-RMP-7), Requirements on Privacy of and Access to Information (RMP-8), Student Applicant Records (BFB-RMP-11), and Guidelines for Assuring Privacy of Personal Information in Mailing Lists and Telephone Directories (BFB-RMP-12)
  • Incorporates the UC Statement of Privacy Principles and Values
  • Clarifies the roles of Privacy Officials, Records Management Coordinators and Information Practices Coordinators

The proposed policy is available online.

More information on how the UC Santa Cruz campus implements related practices may be found at the following websites:

Records Management,
Information Practices,

If you have any questions or if you wish to comment, please contact the Policy Coordination
Office at by the end of business on December 14, 2018.