Annual campus Move-In begins Thursday, September 20

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Dave Keller, Executive Director, Housing Services and Larry Pageler, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

This week we are preparing to welcome more than 9,000 residential students to our community. University Housing will open its doors for occupancy beginning Thursday, Sept. 20 and student Move-In will continue through Sunday, Sept. 23.

This is an exciting period for our students and their families and an excellent opportunity for us to welcome them to our university and community. However, residential Move-In has impacts on campus parking and traffic and we ask for your patience and flexibility.

We anticipate thousands of additional vehicles on campus for the Move-In period. This creates a significant challenge for the campus community, particularly on Friday. Principal officers and managers are encouraged to consider alternative work sites for staff members at the discretion of the supervisor, if operationally feasible. Additionally, we strongly encourage the use of alternative commute options to get to and from campus (such as sharing a ride or utilizing public transportation, such as Santa Cruz Metro bus service) to help accommodate the Move-In traffic. That being said, it is important to note the following restrictions and alternative parking options:


  • Vehicles without a valid Move-In permit will be cited if they park in restricted lots or specially reserved spaces. (Vehicles with valid disability-related permits or placards are the exception to this rule.)

  • Because of these restrictions, those with A, B, C or R permits may need to find alternative parking. Please check the day-specific maps above for non-restricted parking options. Individuals possessing permits normally valid in remote parking lots will be able to park in East Remote Overflow Lots 4 and 5 during Move-In.

  • One-way traffic controls will be in place on Porter-Kresge Road on each day of Move-In. Traffic will only be allowed to go from Kresge to Porter; no traffic will be allowed to drive into the Porter entrance from Heller Drive. Those needing to access Porter must enter through Kresge.

  • Cowell and Stevenson Service Roads: One-way traffic only.  Cowell and Stevenson Service Roads will be one-way traffic only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Access to the area will be from Cowell Service Road on Hagar (near the Cowell Provost House) only; traffic will exit onto the Cowell-Stevenson Road near the Stevenson Circle.

  • From Friday through Sunday, Hagar Drive will be closed to downhill traffic at McLaughlin Drive. Drivers are asked to use southbound Coolidge Drive (overlooking the Pogonip) as an alternative.

Finally, it’s important to note that, in addition to Move-In traffic, the roads leading to and from campus may be affected by school release times Thursday and Friday afternoons, the Santa Cruz Triathlon on Saturday, road work along Bay Drive and typical visitor traffic over the entire weekend.