Renting a room to a student

To: UC Santa Cruz faculty and staff

From: Dave Keller, Executive Director, Housing Services

Dear faculty and staff,

As you no doubt know, there is a significant housing crisis in Santa Cruz, and I am writing to you today to see if you may be able to help us address it by offering a room for rent in your home to a UCSC student this fall. We currently have several hundred students without housing guarantees on the waiting list for housing, and not nearly enough rentals offered in our available Community Rentals listings to accommodate these students.

You may wish to consider offering rental housing in your home for the academic year, or perhaps for a shorter period. It is possible to identify a student who just needs a place to stay until housing becomes available on campus. We have on campus spaces open up when students graduate after fall or winter quarter, or otherwise depart the university.

The need is real and it is urgent, so I am reaching out to the faculty and staff community for help. Offering a room in your home to a student who has not been able to find housing for the school year would be a tremendous support to their success at UCSC.

The Community Rentals Office located in room 104 at the Hahn Student Services Building is standing by to assist you in getting your listing posted, and to support you in any other way in this process. I invite you to review the web page, stop by the office, or contact Community Rentals at or (831) 459-4435 with any questions.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to help a student in need of housing. Please feel free to broadly share this message with your local networks.


Dave Keller
Executive Director, Housing Services