UC Santa Cruz ranks among most LGBTQ-friendly campuses

UC Santa Cruz is among the top colleges when it comes to supporting LGBTQ students, according to a recent ranking by Affordable Colleges Online.

The ranking looks at academic rigor, affordability, and support for LGBTQ students. UC Santa Cruz came in at No. 30 overall and No. 5 among UC campuses.

The ranking notes that LGBTQ activism started in the early days of UC Santa Cruz. The campus’s first Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA) was formed in 1975, just a decade after the campus opened.

Today, the Lionel Cantu Queer Center serves as the main hub for linking students, staff, and faculty to LGBTQ resources.

“They offer a welcoming space for students to meet and study, provide advising and referrals, collaborate with campus and community groups to address LGBTQ issues, as well as implement educational trainings to classrooms and faculty,” Affordable Colleges Online wrote.

The center’s staff spearheaded the establishment of all-gender restrooms throughout the campus. Additionally, there are eight LGBTQ-centered residence halls, including a trans-inclusive housing option.