Email Scam Alert - July 24, 2018

To: UCSC Campus Community

From: Lisa Bono, Information Technology Services

There is a widespread email scam being sent from hackers who say they have compromised your computer and used your webcam to record an embarrassing video of you. In the email message, the hacker threatens to release the video to all your contacts unless you pay a Bitcoin ransom and references a real password previously tied to one of your online accounts. THIS IS A SCAM.

DO NOT click on the links, send any funds, or reply to the message. If you are still using the password listed in the email be sure to change the password for any services it’s linked to.

DO REPORT an email phishing attempt immediately to ITS and Google by following these steps:

  • Report to ITS: Copy the entire message including full headers and send to
  • Report to Google: If using the UCSC Gmail web interface, open the message, click the down arrow (next to the Reply icon), and then click Report spam.

If you have responded to the email and started communicating with the hacker, please contact the UCSC Police Department to file a report.

More information on phishing and scams:

More information about this scam:

Thank you.