Commencement stories: Rachel Doran

’18, biomedical sciences and engineering

Rachel Doran, '18.
#UCSCAlumni Commencement Special Feature

"It was a privilege to be part of a community of researchers working to stop the HIV epidemic. My work at UCSC introduced me to different challenges and opportunities that present when advancing a concept from bench to clinic. While I’ll miss the environment and community here at UCSC, I look forward to continuing in a field with immediate applications to human health and disease.”

Rachel Doran is a Ph.D. candidate in the graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. She is working on HIV immunogens and has won a Graduate Research Symposium award for her presentation on “From armor to Achilles heel: Targeting the glycan shield of HIV in novel vaccine strategies.” After graduation Doran will either pursue a post doctoral degree or work in the biotechnology industry.

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