Student Health Services may be closed May 7–9

To: UC Santa Cruz students

From: Student Health Services


The University of California has been informed that there will be a AFSCME service worker labor strike on all of its campuses beginning at 4 a.m. on May 7 and ending at 4 a.m. on May 10.

At this time, we do not know how these strike activities will impact the operation of our campus. It is possible staff may not be able to access campus and that all of health services will be closed Monday, May 7, Tuesday, May 8, and Wednesday, May 9.

We recommend that students proactively take care of any immediate health care needs. If you will need prescription refills, please contact the pharmacy this week via Health e-Messenger or call the Refill Line at 831–459–1546, and make sure you pick up your medicines before the pharmacy closes on Friday. If you have planned important appointments during the strike days, please call to reschedule at 831–459–2500 for Health Center and at 831–459–2628 for CAPS.

Importantly, for coverage outside of the Student Health Center, UC SHIP students need to have your UC SHIP/Anthem ID number, which is on your UC SHIP/Anthem ID card via the Student Health App. See the instructions from Anthem Blue Cross in Option 3 below.


  1. See the UCSC Student Health Services Website for AFTER HOURS CARE (PDF) for the Student Health Center, for who to call and where to go when we are closed.
  2. See the UCSC Student Health Services Website for AFTER HOURS CARE for CAPS - Counseling and Psychological Services, for who to call or where to go when we are closed.
  3. Contact Anthem Blue Cross / UC SHIP Tele-medicine - LIVE HEALTH ONLINE to have an online visit with a primary care provider, a counselor or a psychiatrist.

Students with UC SHIP need to pay online for copays prior to any visits outside Student Health Services with in-network providers, $25 for medical and psychiatry and $20 for counseling.

(First) Download your Anthem ID card.

From the mobile device: search StudentHealth on the Apple App Store or Google Play store

From there, follow these easy steps:

  1. Enter your first name, last name, your UC student ID number and your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), and then go to the next screen. Note: If you are unable to register, reenter what you typed into the “first name” field by trying one of these options: First name [space] middle name (ex. Joseph Jayden); first name [space] middle initial (ex. Joseph J); first name [space] middle initial with a period (ex. Joseph J.).
  2. On the Credentials screen, select a username (typically firstname.lastname) or use the assigned one.
  3. Create a password. A password must contain at least six characters including both a letter and a number. Now you can Login with your username and new password.

Or from your computer:

Go to (Note: Be sure to include the “s” in: https://)

  1. Choose Register Now.
  2. Then follow steps #1 through #3 as listed above.

(Second) - go to and register, which will ask for the Anthem ID number.