Required eCourse - General Compliance Briefing

To: UC Santa Cruz Employees

From: The UC Learning Center Support Team

UC leadership is helping to raise our awareness of maintaining strong ethical values and the high standards of ethical conduct that are central to our Principles of Community. This updated release of the General Compliance Briefing includes revisions based on changes to law and an introduction from Janet Napolitano.

You can find the updated eCourse in our campus’ UC Learning Center:
General Compliance Briefing: University of California Ethical Values and Conduct

This updated eCourse was designed to raise awareness of the UC’s Statement of Ethical Values and Standards of Ethical Conduct, and to convey University employment obligations with respect to ethical and compliant behavior. The purpose is to familiarize UC employees with important issues and resources concerning ethics and compliance - not to teach ethics or University policy.

This learning activity is mandatory for all UC employees, except those who are required to complete the Compliance & Conflict of Interest for Researchers Briefing (COIR).

The General Compliance Briefing will be assigned today, 5/15/18, through the UC Learning Center. Completion of this learning activity is due by 6/26/18.

Employees will be notified and reminded to complete this learning activity via their email address. Managers and supervisors, who have employees without regular email access, must notify them and make arrangements for them to complete it.

Click this link to access the eCourse in our campus’ UC Learning Center.

For questions and assistance, please contact us. We’re happy to help: