Merger of facilities-related departments formalized

Over the past year, UC Santa Cruz re-organized and combined a number of departments into a new organization named Physical Planning, Development and Operations (PPDO).

This new department, part of Business and Administrative Services, is comprised of Real Estate Services, Physical & Environmental Planning Services, Design & Construction Services, Engineering Services, Physical Plant Services, and a Construction Projects Business Office. It is led by Associate Vice Chancellor Traci Ferdolage.

As a newly merged organization, PPDO’s focus is to:

  • Improve delivery of services by increasing overall responsiveness;
  • Enhance communication at all levels of the organization and with the campus;
  • Develop clear processes to improve transparency and efficiency; and
  • Ensuring use of resources are prioritized based on overarching campus priorities while considering total lifecycle cost of ownership.

The different units within PPDO lead efforts to serve the campus and its facility and infrastructure needs.

Real Estate Services delivers services associated with managing the complex leases and licenses associated with conducting campus business. This unit also manages campus land records and serves as a commercial advisor and manager for campus real estate matters.

Physical & Environmental Planning Services is responsible for overall planning associated with campus land use and the implementation of its capital plan and other construction projects. This unit is also responsible for the development, management and implementation of the Long Range Development Plan and Campus Physical Design Framework.

Design & Construction Services delivers design and construction management services for campus projects while also ensuring appropriate standards are in place for the development of our facilities. This unit also provides services related to area master plans as well as preliminary studies required for capital projects.

Engineering Services delivers design and construction management services specific to utility and infrastructure projects and also advises Design & Construction Services as well as Physical Plant Services regarding integration of utility and infrastructure networks into building projects and operations.

Physical Plant Services operates and maintains the physical campus whether it be utility system maintenance and repair, grounds management, custodial services, lockshop services, autoshop services, or planning and implementing important deferred maintenance and capital renewal projects approved by the campus. This Unit is first in line to take care of the campus day to day needs while ensuring the lights will still be on tomorrow.

The Construction Projects Business Office works with all units with PPDO to ensure business operations including the procurement and contracting process are in alignment with applicable legislation, UCOP and campus policies and protocols. The Office provides important support to campus project managers such as records management and also ensures budgets are accurately tracked.

Other changes forthcoming include a PPDO website, project process improvements, and updates to internal processes to streamline efficiencies toward best practices benchmarks.

Should you have questions concerning our reorganization or the services we render to the campus, please feel free to contact Associate Vice Chancellor, Traci Ferdolage via email at or via phone at (831) 502–8762. Other members of the PPDO leadership team to contact for subject specific questions or issues are: Nicole Vamosi (Real Estate Services), Jolie Kerns (Physical & Environmental Planning Services), Felix Ang (Design & Construction Services), Rhonda Tramble (Engineering Services), Mike Hanson (Physical Plant Services), John Steward (Physical Plant Services- Work Management), Jennifer Hale (Physical Plant Services- Business and Fiscal Operations), and Anne Gavin (Construction Projects Business Office).

Throughout our efforts, we maintain a dedication to supporting the UC Santa Cruz vision by providing aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and efficiently maintained facilities for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

4/19/18 – approved by Traci Ferdolage