High surf warning continues through weekend

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Lisa Ehret, Interim Director of Emergency Services

The National Weather Service's high surf warning remains in effect today. Dangerous surf conditions are expected to continue through the weekend.
  • WAVES AND SURF: Large westerly swell of 14 to 18 feet with a period of around 15 seconds through this afternoon.
  • TIMING: Today and likely through the weekend.
  • IMPACTS: Extreme wave run up is expected with with long lulls in between wave sets. These conditions increase the risk of being washed into the sea by a wave. Expect large and dangerous surf, which will result in potentially deadly rip currents. 
Recommendations, if going to the beach:
  • Never turn your back to the ocean. Always keep your eyes on the ocean.
  • Stay away from and out of the water during swell events.
  • Stay farther back from the water's edge and off rocks and jetties.
  • If an area is wet, assume that another wave will reach that location again.
  • Do not attempt to rescue pets that have been swept into the sea, most pets will make it out of the water on their own.
More information is available on the National Weather Service website.
UC Santa Cruz Office of Emergency Services (OES) is committed to maintaining a resilient and safe campus to live, work, study, and play. Please visit the OES website to renew your personal emergency awareness and preparedness.