Clean Dream Act and humane immigration reform

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Pablo G. Reguerín, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Achievement and Equity Innovation Jaye Padgett, Vice Provost, Division of Student Success

As a public university, UC Santa Cruz has a special mission to serve all Californians through research, teaching, and service. Our ability to fulfill that mission is obstructed when undergraduate and graduate students are not safe and fear the deportation of themselves, their families, and community members. Educators across the country are increasingly becoming more active in advocating for policies and laws that support our ability to create a safe campus environment. Chancellor George Blumenthal has joined higher education leaders in numerous initiatives to support the Dream Act and comprehensive immigration reform.
We encourage you to learn more and get involved because these issues directly affect the lives of our students, staff, and their family members. On Aug. 21, 2017, a campuswide message “Supporting Our Community” was sent out to increase awareness of this issue. The challenges shared in the Sanchez family story remain for millions of students and families across our nation. Learn more about the Sanchez family and please consider signing the online petition that has been set up to reunite them. 
The UC Advocacy Network has set up a Protecting Dreamers advocacy site. It can help you get involved by contacting your members of Congress. 
In addition, we are concerned about the recent announcements to end TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for students, families, and employees from El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua. While Honduras has not been terminated at this time, the future status remains uncertain. Updates on TPS are available through the UC Immigrant Legal Services Center.  
We encourage all community members to learn more and get involved.