Campus hires new director for athletics, OPERS

I am thrilled to announce we have hired a new director for our intercollegiate athletics program and for the Office of Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports.

Susan Harriman, Bates College's assistant athletic director and senior woman administrator, will start Jan. 15. You can read more about Susan in a news article about her appointment.

In the year to come, I believe Susan will prioritize team health, organizational strength, strategic planning, and fundraising. This will require working with her leadership team to develop a clear vision for the future, tell the story and impact of OPERS both internally and externally, and generate support and resources to achieve the vision.

I am convinced Susan is up to the challenge. She understands the unique and transformational mission of a D-III program and the needs of student-athletes. She also understands the critical role that club sports, physical education, intramurals, recreation, and wellness programs play in the life of our campus community and the mission of UC Santa Cruz.

I was very pleased with the strength of the pool and thankful for the work of the search committee. With Sue joining our division, the future is truly a bright one.