Beyond Compliance initiatives for 2018

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Interim Associate Vice Provost Martin Berger and Senate Vice Chair Kim Lau, Co-Chairs of Beyond Compliance

As the campus community heads off for winter break, we would like to take the opportunity to write with an update on our Beyond Compliance initiatives and to outline how you can get involved in our work.

As most of you know, Beyond Compliance is an initiative begun by CP/EVC Alison Galloway in 2016 in an effort to define concrete mechanisms that administrators and faculty can adopt, above and beyond what is required by law or policy, to address sexual violence and sexual harassment (SVSH) on campus. Beyond Compliance aims to improve responses to SVSH on campus and reduce its likelihood through educational outreach, the development of best practices, and policy reform recommendations. CP/EVC Marlene Tromp has eagerly embraced the mission of Beyond Compliance by providing a three-year funding package that will allow us to design and deliver a host of SVSH programming through 2020.

At a recent meeting of the Beyond Compliance Working Group, we established our priorities for the 2018 year:

  • Host a high-profile speaker to address SVSH on college campuses
  • Develop a set of best practices for supporting students whose advisors are either placed on involuntary leave during an investigation or who have been found in violation of UC’s SVSH policies
  • Design and implement a faculty SVSH training program in collaboration with the Title IX Office. The program will educate faculty leaders to act as representatives to the campus community, attending events and meetings and serving as a resource for better understanding Title IX issues and services
  • Explore the possibility of introducing a single portal for all reports of harassment and discrimination
  • Host curriculum workshops to aid faculty in introducing SVSH-themed lectures or units into pre-existing classes

On Jan. 17 from 3–4 p.m. in Kerr 212 we will host a Beyond Compliance Advisory Group meeting, which is open to anyone in the campus community-faculty, students, and staff. Working group members have already signed on to work on the initiatives listed above over the winter and spring quarters, but we want to draw on the energy and expertise of the wider campus community. If you are interested in helping to develop one or more of the initiatives planned for 2018, please consider attending the Advisory Group meeting on Jan. 17.

In the meantime, best wishes for a happy and safe winter break.