Invitation to an interactive Long-Range Development Plan Staff Forum

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff

From: Co-Chairs of the Campus Long-Range Development Plan Committee: Kimberly Lau, Vice Chair of the Academic Senate; Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor Business and Administrative Services

Please join us for one of two brown bag interactive Long-Range Development Plan (LRDP) Staff Forums.
The sessions will be held:
- Friday, December 8, noon–1:30 pm, at the Stevenson Event Center
- Wednesday, December 13, noon1:30 pm, at the Scotts Valley Center's Large Auditorium
This forum will be an opportunity to learn more about the 2040 LRDP goals and process and to participate in shaping campus solutions with respect to potential future growth. The forum will be largely interactive, with time for staff members to take part in two of the following three stations:
  1. participating in stakeholder conversations
  2. negotiating the strategic expansion of academic and residential space by arranging physical "square footage" blocks on campus maps
  3. brainstorming about how "the future" might affect all aspects of the LRDP (academic space, housing, transportation, water usage).
We hope everyone will attend to share their ideas for addressing UCSC's particular constraints on growth. To find out more about the LRDP, please check out