Student-run hackathon scheduled for January 19-21 at UC Santa Cruz

CruzHacks 2018 is seeking sponsors to support the popular technology development event

CruzHacks logo

UC Santa Cruz will host its fifth annual hackathon, CruzHacks 2018, from January 19 to 21, 2018, at Porter College. CruzHacks (formerly HackUCSC) is an entirely student-run, non-profit collegiate hackathon, and one of the largest to be organized in California.

CruzHack organizers are currently seeking sponsors to support the event. Sponsorships give businesses the opportunity to observe, meet, and recruit budding developers who will bring new ideas and hard skills to their companies. The 2017 event brought together more than 700 students from over 25 universities.

The hackathon is an immersive weekend of technology development in a supportive environment that enables student hackers to explore their talents and visions for social change with help from experienced mentors. CruzHacks also promotes the development of technological solutions to societal issues at both local and global levels. The CruzHacks team hopes to see these broad connections evolve into a network of community members using technology to lay the groundwork for a more creative and connected world.

The organizers are working to make CruzHacks a diverse and welcoming event for students of all skill levels. Teams can be formed in advance or at the event, where participants will work together to create apps and programs that provide innovative solutions to a variety of social and business issues. Prizes are awarded to the top teams at the conclusion of the event.

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