'Science Notes 2017' now available online

magazine cover image

Science Notes 2017, the illustrated online magazine published annually by the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program, is now available online, offering readers a variety of fascinating feature stories and multimedia packages.

The class of 2017 followed scientists into redwood forests, drought-stricken rivers, acidifying oceans, and neurosurgery labs. The young reporters documented scientists' efforts to save insects from pesticides, communities from farm runoff, and children from cancer, and learned how scientists are seeing the insides of cells and proteins more clearly than ever before.

Several of the stories focus on work by researchers at UC Santa Cruz, including bioinformatician Olena Morozova and her colleagues at the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative; biochemist Carrie Partch (biological clocks); neuroscientist Yi Zuo (seeing shifting cells); and ecologist Kristy Kroeker (untangling kelp forests).

Edited by program director Erika Check Hayden, this year's magazine sports a brand new design. The stories are enhanced with original illustrations and animations by the talented artists in the Science Illustration Program at CSU Monterey Bay, directed by Ann Caudle. Robert Irion, director emeritus of the Science Communication Program, advised the writers as consulting editor. Miles Traer provided podcast instruction, while Mary Miller (class of 1990) and Lisa Strong ('93) guided the photos and slideshows. The stories also feature infographics mentored by graphics director Pai from the San Jose Mercury News.