Five research labs receive lab safety recognition awards

To: UC Santa Cruz Campus Community

From: Scott Brandt, Vice Chancellor for Research, and Patrick Goff, Executive Director, Environmental Health & Safety, and Office of Emergency Services

Laboratory safety is an essential aspect of lab-based science.  It is critical to the health and well-being of our researchers and our continued ability to support such research.

In recognition of their outstanding success in developing and maintaining a safe and effective laboratory environment, the Office of Research and Environmental Health & Safety are pleased to announce the 2016-17 Lab Safety Recognition award recipients:

  • Braslau lab, chemistry and biochemistry
  • Etow group, chemistry teaching labs
  • Jong group, biology teaching labs
  • Ottemann lab, METX
  • Schmidt lab, electrical engineering

These groups have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to safety throughout their research and teaching practices. They completed all required lab safety-training courses, resolved any safety inspection findings, handled hazardous waste properly, used appropriate personal protective equipment, and attended quarterly lab safety meetings.

Their thoughtful actions enhance not only the safety of the lab environment, but also the research itself.  

Safe science = good science!