Saturday, October 14 concert --- road closures and permit requirements

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Nader Oweis, Chief of Police, UC Santa Cruz Police Department; Larry Pageler, Director of Transportation and Parking Services

Due to the Quarry Amphitheater grand opening concert this Saturday, there will be several road closures in place beginning at 5 p.m. In addition, there will be parking lot closures in the area. Parking permits will be required in the East Remote Parking Lot for anyone arriving between 5 –9 p.m

  • Beginning at 5 p.m., Hagar Drive will be closed in both directions from McLaughlin Drive to the East Remote Parking Lot.  Limited access will be allowed for those with disability related needs.
  • Steinhart Way will be closed from Hagar Drive to McHenry Library.
  • The Bay Tree Bookstore/Quarry Plaza Parking lot will be closed at noon. All vehicles in the lot will be subject to citation and may be towed.
  • The road closures will be staffed to allow campus shuttles and Metro buses to get through. 
  • Vehicles exiting the Hahn parking lot may be detoured after 5pm given traffic conditions.
  • Those using the Main Entrance to access the campus, but who are not attending the concert, are asked to use Coolidge Drive rather than Hagar. A map of the closure is available at the TAPS website
Beginning at 5pm, all vehicles entering the East Remote will need to display a valid UCSC permit (A, B, C, R, N, NC, or Motorcycle) or purchase an event permit for $5 from attendants in the lot. Those vehicles already parked in the East Remote will not be cited for lacking a permit.

  • All concert-goers must have a ticket to enter the concert and are subject to a TSA-style pat-down search, including emptying pockets and bags, and having personal items examined, prior to entry into the Quarry Amphitheater. This includes members of the media. 
  • The university reserves the right to either deny any person entry into or to eject any person from the Quarry Amphitheater who is in violation of university rules or regulations. Individuals violating these rules or regulations may also be subject to arrest.
  • Re-entry, camping and/or overnight attendance will not be permitted.
  • The following items are prohibited at the Quarry Amphitheater:
      • weapons of any kind, including firearms, knives, and sharp objects
      • outside food or beverages
      • aerosol cans
      • any size pole or stick, including selfie-sticks or similar devices
      • fireworks or explosives
      • drones
      • artificial noise makers
      • projectiles including inflatable balls and frisbees
  • video or audio recording equipment
    • laser pointers 
    • portable chairs
    • bicycles, roller skates, or skateboards
    • large banners or flags
    • mace or pepper spray
    • matches or lighters
    • no drugs, including tobacco or marijuana products or devices
    • non-service animals
    • any item deemed by management to be dangerous, inappropriate, or disruptive to others or to another's enjoyment of the event