Move-in 2017, a photographic journey

Photographs by Carolyn Lagattuta

Move-in evokes so many emotions: expectation, excitement, pride, and, of course, a little anxiety. Our photo essay captures scenes and moments from this special week.

Brother and sister

Students celebrating

Family at move-in

Family at move-in

Student holding Crown moving box

Student pushed boxes

George Blumenthal at move-in day

Students helping move-in day

Banana Slug riding Narwhal

Family cars line-up move-in day

Students post infront recycling trash container

Welcome to Kresge banner

Walk way chalk arts welcome to Kresge

Students posting infront of Kresge dorm

Welcome to Crown banner

Banana slug cardboard cut out with information flyer

Happy students

Marlene met with in-coming students

Moving helpers dancing

Family portrait

Move-in teddy in the bag

Porter move-in line