The UC Learning Center is live

To: Staff, Faculty, and Students

From: The UC Learning Center Support Team

The UC Learning Center is now available for you to access! We are highlighting two important enhancements and one notice in this email. Other information, such as dates for training, can be found on this news release page.

First, the format of the UC Learning Center email notifications was improved. You can see an example of what a typical email will look like on the same news release page listed above. We’re telling you in advance so you can know they are legitimate emails. We hope you like the new look and feel!

Second, there are so many new resources to help you navigate the UC Learning Center. Please see the UC Learning Center Resources section of the login page to explore these helpful tools:

Notice: While the UC Learning Center was offline, no email notifications were sent out. That being the case, we recommend you log in to the UC Learning Center to see if you have registered for any upcoming in-person learning activities and to check the status of compliance trainings that may now be overdue if you didn’t complete them ahead of the downtime.

We would like to express our gratitude to the various ITS teams that helped make this a smooth transition and to two team members specifically: Kari Roberson and Jeffrey Crawford.

Thanks to you as well for your patience with the downtime while this upgrade was implemented. Also, thank you for your continued patience as we all learn how to work through the surprises of this new environment, as is the case with all new software implementations.

Our goal is to continually make it easier to accomplish your goals and, hopefully, make it more enjoyable for you to explore all that UCSC has to offer via the UC Learning Center. As always, if there is any way we can help you with the UC Learning Center, please email