Re-opening search for vice chancellor for information technology

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Office of Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor

In consultation with the search committee for vice chancellor for information technology, the CP/EVC’s office has decided to reopen the national search.

The committee felt it had a strong group of initial applicants, and two very good finalists, but ultimately no contract agreement was reached. The committee aims to advertise robustly on this second go-around and to expand the applicant pool.

Although disappointed by the delay, it benefits the entire university for us to find the right person for the post. Information Technology Services is a critical player in our research, academic, and student success, as well as in our business efficiency and effectiveness. ITS has about 250 employees, and they interact with every division on campus.

University Librarian Elizabeth Cowell will continue to serve as the search committee chair to provide continuity, and our hope is to use the same committee members.

Brad Smith, director of information technology services, research and faculty partnerships, and adjunct associate professor of computer engineering, will continue to serve as interim vice chancellor for information technology until the position is filled on a permanent basis.