Pay for Performance Update

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff

From: Steven Stein, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer, Staff Human Resources

This is an update on our ongoing Pay for Performance program. As SHR has communicated previously, our UC Santa Cruz pay and performance programs are part of UC-wide initiatives. Systemwide policies are set at the office of the president (after consulting with the campuses) and we have the responsibility to implement them at UC Santa Cruz, taking into account local factors such as resources and timing.

At our campus we have managed these programs with a team comprised of SHR and cross-functional managers. This team has been working vigorously to provide the campus with an interim online appraisal system to facilitate and simplify the communication and feedback process.

Divisional Administrators (DAs)
Divisional and departmental administrators are the point of contact with SHR for the performance appraisal cycle and online appraisal tool. This group has been identified and confirmed by their divisions. Divisional Administrators will have high level access to the new appraisal system. System access for DAs is anticipated to begin by June 6.

Retiring Supervisors and Supervisors with Furloughed Employees*
For retiring supervisors and supervisors with furlough employees, the system will be available on Monday, June 12. Use of the online tool will be optional for these groups. The new online appraisal tool simplifies and standardizes the process and this group is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this time saving tool. Because the deadline is short, supervisors should bypass the online employee self appraisal process and solicit that input from the employees directly. Please contact your DA for system access.

*CX (Teamsters) represented employees will not be participating in the online appraisal process at this time.

All Other Employees
The online appraisal tool will be used for the July appraisal call. Self help guides and FAQs will be provided. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the town hall demonstrations of the online appraisal tool. The town hall schedule can be found here. Town halls will be held on campus and at Scotts Valley with Zoom access.

Performance Management
The purpose of performance management and pay programs is to effectively engage our staff in the mission of the university: education, research and public service. We are all responsible for doing our part in this endeavor. Goal setting, performance feedback and two way-communications require everyone to play an important role.
We continue to emphasize the importance of managers to:

  • Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) or SIMple (specific, important, measurable) goals with their teams and team members.
  • Provide at least monthly feedback and coaching to their direct reports about performance and progress on goals.
  • Provide growth and developmental opportunities to their team members.

For the upcoming year-end review cycle SHR and a few dedicated unit colleagues have provided:

  • Training on how to set goals and conduct performance feedback.
  • The e-tool is in the final stages of development and will replace the various paper forms used previously. Training on how to use this new tool is available now and is combined with the Goal and Feedback training in the Focus on Performance training series.
  • Revised definitions for the five levels of performance:
    • Exceptional
    • Consistently Exceeded Expectations
    • Met Expectations
    • Improvement Needed
    • Unacceptable

Pay for Performance Merit Program

  • We will again have a 3% pool to be used for annual merit pay.
  • Managers should take the following factors into account when making annual pay decisions:
    • Performance on individual and team goals for the total period under review
    • Consideration of where the employee falls on the pay range for the current job
    • History of pay changes and positioning in relation to comparable jobs
    • Equity issues that may be relevant at the same time merit pay program decisions are being made

Timeline for appraisals

  • July 28, 2017 -- appraisals due for all policy covered (non-represented) staff
  • September 1, 2017 -- appraisals due for represented staff

Anticipated Merit Dates

  • Merit call -- 1st week in August
  • Anticipated merit payouts -- October pay -- monthly and bi-weekly (retroactive to July 1)