Global Studies Association honors Professor Emeritus Walter Goldfrank

Photo of Walter Goldfrank
Walter Goldfrank (Photo by Melissa De Witte)
The Global Studies Association will honor Walter Goldfrank, professor emeritus of sociology and Latin American and Latino studies, during its 2017 conference being held June 14-16 at UC Berkeley.

During a panel discussion, four participants will revisit research on fascism that Goldfrank published in the 1970s.

Kaylin Bourdon of the University of San Diego will discuss "Immigration, Reimagining the White Republic, and Waves of Fascism."

Chris Chase-Dunn of UC Riverside will address "The Global Right in the World Revolutions of 1917 and 20xx: Reflections on the Analysis of W. L. Goldfrank on Fascism and the Global Political Economy."

And Tom Reifer of UC Riverside will discuss "Polanyi’s Double-Movement, the Origins of Fascism, and Possible Contemporary Resurgences: Rethinking Walter Goldfrank’s Insights in the 21st Century."

Jonathan Simon of UC Berkeley will chair the session.

Goldfrank joined the faculty at UC Santa Cruz in 1968. His interests include global political economy with special attention to the rise and decline of nations; social movements and revolutions; export agriculture and its impact on environmental and social conditions; and social change. He retired in 2009.