Statement from interim vice provost for Student Success

We are aware—and very disappointed—that some students are alleged to have addressed anti-Semitic remarks to Hillel representatives at a campus event earlier this month in Quarry Plaza. UC Santa Cruz works hard to create a campus climate that supports and values everyone. As a university committed to inquiry and new ideas, we cherish freedom of speech. However, we deplore all language that is hostile or prejudicial to any groups, including anti-semitic language.

Campus leaders reached out to Santa Cruz Hillel as soon as the allegations surfaced. Our Office of Student Conduct is also following up on the incident, and the investigation may lead to judicial action. What is alleged to have occurred is at odds with with our Principles of Community. We take this seriously.

We are in the midst of launching a new diversity competency orientation for our incoming students to further support an inclusive community for everyone at UC Santa Cruz.

Jaye Padgett, Interim Vice Provost for Student Success at UC Santa Cruz