Staff Mentor Program 2017

To: UC Santa Cruz Staff

From: Staff Advisory Board

Do you know an experienced staff member who would make a good mentor for a newer UCSC staff member?

The Staff Advisory Board is looking for mentors for our Staff Mentorship Program.

The Staff Mentor Program is a yearlong commitment in which seasoned staff members are paired with newer staff members to provide insight and guidance on how to promote professional development and explore potential career paths at UCSC.

The mentee provides the general framework for the relationship, and together, the pair develops the relationship. The frequency of meeting and the scope of development are unique to and developed by each pair.

Mentors are typically seasoned UCSC senior staff members who can provide insight and direction to junior staff members looking to advance their careers, engagement, and understanding of larger university processes.

Mentors should be enthusiastic about collaboration and contributing to the development of campus staff, have at least one year of UCSC campus experience, and be career staff at the P3, M1, or S2 classifications or above.

If you know someone who would make a good mentor, or believe you would be a good mentor, please visit the SAB mentorship website to make a nomination.

The nomination deadline is May 15. The application for mentees will come out in May.