Beyond Compliance town hall on April 13

To: UC Santa Cruz community

From: Kimberly Lau, Professor, Literature; Vice Chair, Academic Senate; and Martin Berger, Professor, History of Art & Visual Culture; Acting Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

(To request accomodations, please email Kim Lau.)

The second Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Beyond Compliance event of the 2016–17 academic year will take place on Thursday, April 13 at the Oakes College Learning Center from 6–8 p.m. Interim CP/EVC Herbert Lee and representatives from Title IX, Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE), Dean of Students Office, Staff Human Resources, and the Academic Senate will attend.

The event will provide the campus community with information on federal and state laws around personnel cases and privacy rights, proposed and completed reforms to campus policy, insight on Title IX investigations, and our shared responsibility to work toward building a safer community. Half of the evening will be devoted to hearing from attendees.

Nancy Heischman, Director of Campus Conflict Resolution Services, will facilitate a comment, question, and answer session. In light of the many conversations taking place on campus regarding sexual violence and sexual harassment, we want to give community members an opportunity to express concerns, ask questions, offer suggestions, and take a role in improving our campus. We welcome your feedback on our policies and climate and hope you will share any ideas you have for making the campus a safer place.

To ensure that we address the issues that the campus community finds most pressing, we will also take questions left anonymously on the event webpage:

We’ll answer as many in-person and online questions as possible on April 13 and hope to post our responses online for those unable to attend. Please bear in mind that we are unable to address specific cases.

We believe that the administration and the campus community have an intertwined obligation to work together toward an environment in which everyone is safe and treated with respect, and we ask your help in building that future.