We stand with the transgender community

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Herbert Lee, Interim Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor; Martin Berger, Acting Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Campus Diversity Officer for Faculty; and Teresa Maria Linda Scholz, Campus Diversity Officer for Staff and Students

In the wake of President Trump's repeal this week of federal protections for transgender students in public schools, we are proud to state that our campus commitment to transgender members of our community is absolutely unchanged.

We recognize the fear, vulnerability, and anger many are feeling as the Trump administration targets members of the transgender community.

We stand with transgender students, staff, and faculty, all of whom will continue to have unrestricted access to restrooms that conform to their gender identities. A map of all-gender restrooms on campus is online.

Additional on-campus resources include:

Off-campus resources include:

We want to share the words of Janet Mock, whose message to transgender students this week was one of love and affirmation: "I just want you to remember that this is your school too. You deserve to be there just as much as any other student. You deserve equal access, affirmation and an education ... You have agency and voice. Use it to organize, combat against ignorance and resist. You belong, and nothing—absolutely nothing—is wrong with you."

The University of California's statement of support of transgender rights is online.