Responding to increased parking demand

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Larry Pageler, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

Fall quarter saw a record-breaking demand for both parking permits and parking spaces on our campus. While some areas have improved since then (such as capacity at the East Remote lot), others have not. I'd like to provide you with a parking update, and efforts we're making to improve the situation.

Many A and B permit holders have been frustrated by inadequate parking spaces, especially in the Science Hill and Arts areas. Parking Enforcement staff have focused on those areas to see if non-permitted vehicles were a contributing factor. While they initially found some non-permitted vehicles, they report that the majority of vehicles in Core West and Performing Arts now have appropriate permits.

After reviewing options with the Advisory Committee on Campus Transportation and Parking (comprised of faculty, staff, and student representatives), TAPS has been approved to proceed with the following changes:

- All 28 pay stalls in Core West will be converted to A and B permit parking, effective March 1;
- A vehicle counter will be installed in Core West with a real-time display of parking availability by the end of April;
- Several minor modifications will be made in the Performing Arts lot to increase parking capacity during Spring Break.

The paystation in Core West will remain in operation for the purchase of flat rate permits after 4:30 p.m.

This summer, we hope to start construction on a number of small infill parking projects around campus. Seven different projects are currently being designed and evaluated for potential implementation; we'll announce this summer's projects once they are chosen in early June.

Long-term parking improvements (as well as sustainable transportation programs, permit requirements, technology improvements, and service efficiencies) are also being discussed and planned for by the advisory committee.