Water line damaged; emergency conservation required

To: UCSC Community

From:  Vice Chancellor Sarah Latham

Storm damage to a pipeline has severely constrained water deliveries to the city of Santa Cruz, including the campus, and all residents are being asked to immediately reduce their water use by 30 percent.

Please reduce your water usage as much as possible until further notice. Ways to cut back include postponing laundry, reducing shower times, and reducing water-intensive activities in labs, offices, and administrative spaces.

City officials tell us they are able to produce only about two-thirds of the normal water supply during this short-term, serious water shortage. The Newell Creek pipeline, which carries water from Loch Lomond Reservoir to the Graham Hill water treatment plant, was shut down Monday after the weekend storm caused a significant leak. Storm-caused turbidity in the San Lorenzo River has impacted other water sources.

Please help spread the word about this water emergency. Authorities hope to have systems working at full capacity within a week. As always, report any leaks to the fix-it website.

Thank you for your cooperation.