Ride-sharing available through Zimride matching service

UC Santa Cruz subscribes to Zimride, a campus-specific ride-matching service. Zimride helps you offer or request rides for your daily trips to and from campus or one-time road trips (such as getting to local airports, or getting home for Thanksgiving).

If you have a car, you can split your costs by offering rides. If you don’t have a car, you can request a ride by posting your travel information. Drivers and passengers benefit by sharing the cost of rides, and help UC Santa Cruz take a significant step in reducing our carbon footprint.

The cost of the service is free to all UC Santa Cruz students, staff, and faculty. Your ride offers and ride requests are only shared within UCSC's Zimride Rideshare Community. You can register at http://zimride.ucsc.edu by using your campus email address. 

For the month of November, those who post rides in the UC Santa Cruz Zimride network will be automatically entered in the 2016 "Zimsgiving Post a Ride" Sweepstakes. Prizes this year include an Amazon Echo, three $100 Amazon gift cards, and 10 $50 Amazon gift cards. (Rides only have to be posted during the month of November; the actual ride can take place later.)