2016 photo contest winner

There were over 100 entries this year in the chancellor's holiday photo contest. Here is the winner and some of our favorites.

The winner

Lisa Dominguez - Program Assistant, Scout from University of California

From the Ground Up

Honorable mentions

Neda Ronaghi - Graduate Student, MCD Biology

Biking into the Sunset

Kenneth Rector - Plumbing Supervisor, B&US


Irene Reti - Oral Historian, Library Special Collections

Oak, Clearing Storm

Kristina Moseley - Porter, 2017, Anthropology and Linguistics

Autumn Memories

Robyn Joseph - Rachel Carson College, 2018, Environmental Studies

Colorful Sunset with Clouds

Roberto Manduchi - Computer Engineering Faculty

Great Meadow in Late Spring

Jiatong Li - Cowell, 2018, Undeclared

Under the Starry Sky

Yaozhi Liu - Stevenson, 2019, Biology


Leyi Zhang - Rachel Carson College, 2018, Robotics Engineering

Evening Glow

Yin Wu - Cowell, 2018, Film

Sunrise over the Mist

Stella Wong - College Nine, 2017, Business Management Economics

A Sunny Morning