Re-opening of Bike Path on Wednesday

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Larry Pageler, director, Transportation and Parking Services

The Great Meadow Bike Path will be open for public use again this Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 21.
Over the summer, the Bike Path has been re-graded and realigned for better sight lines and a longer, smoother curve just above the Village Road intersection. Construction will continue at the adjacent Resource Recovery Center for the next few weeks, with many heavy-duty vehicles crossing the path tomorrow. Once the Bike Path reopens, cyclists should proceed with caution near that intersection.
As always, those who ride bikes on campus are advised to ride cautiously and wear a helmet at all times. Please remember that, due to safety reasons, the Great Meadow Bike Path is for day use only, and is closed at night.
This safety project was primarily funded through a $383,000 grant in state Active Transportation Program (ATP) funds; campus funds provided the local match.