Spring Nominations: 2016-2017 Excellence in Teaching Awards

To: UCSC Students

From: Academic Senate

Is there an instructor who you think deserves special recognition from your spring quarter 2016? If so, nominate that person for an Excellence in Teaching Award! 

Each year, the Academic Senate recognizes a select group of UCSC instructors for teaching that is exemplary and inspiring. Click here to submit your nomination. 

Guideline for nominations submissions:
    •    Only current UCSC students may vote.

    •    Graduate students cannot nominate their advisors.

    •    OPERS instructors are not eligible to receive an award.

    •    Faculty and instructors who have won an award within the last five years are not eligible to win an award, please see the list of recent winners.

Please submit your nomination by Monday, October 10. Thank you for taking the time to recognize your instructor!