Campus altar honors lives lost in Orlando

Altar for Orlando victims
The altar is meant to give people an opportunity to reflect and heal in the wake of the June 12 shooting in the Orlando nightclub that killed 49.

In memory of the trans and queer people who died in the Orlando shooting, the Cantú Queer Center, the Chicano Latino Resource Center, and the Women’s Center have created an altar that will be on display through July.

“We invite campus and community members to contribute to the altar, to come reflect, to come heal and to hold space with us as we move collectively as a community through the emotional haze that follows events like these,” the three centers wrote in a statement.

The centers encourage campus and community members who are planning their own memorials or events around Orlando to incorporate the altar into these if they so choose, and all would be happy to collaborate in community support efforts.

The altar will be in the Cantú Queer Center until Thursday before moving to the Women’s Center, where it will be on display until June 30. It will be with the Chicano Latino Resource Center from July 1–8 in the Ethnic Resource Center lounge.