Psychology professor featured in NSF video showcase 'STEM for All'

Public is invited to view, discuss, and vote for favorite video presentation

barbara rogoff
Professor Barbara Rogoff

Update:Profesor Barbara Rogoff's "Learning by Observing" video received the most votes among the 156 short films in the National Science Foundation's Video Showcase. It was also one of the top videos for the amount of conversation it generated.

UC Santa Cruz pyschology professor Barbara Rogoff is featured in the National Science Foundation's 2016 "STEM for All" Video Showcase.

Rogoff’s project, “Learning by Observing: Building on Children's Resources for Learning,” highlights research on how children of Mexican and Guatemalan heritage learn. Rogoff found that Mexican and Guatamalan children tend to use keen attention twice as much as middle-class European-American children.  Co-presenting in the video is Maricela Correa-Chávez who earned her Ph.D. in psychology at UC Santa Cruz.

The NSF Video Showcase "STEM for All" runs throughl Monday, May 23.   

The online event features three-minute video presentations from more than 150 NSF-funded projects that aim to improve STEM education. The public is invited to view the videos, join the discussion online with presenters, and vote for the most effective presentations through social media.

"The showcase provides a broad overview of innovative projects to improve STEM and computer science education across the country," said Joni Falk, co-director of the Center for School Reform at the Technical Educational Research Centers (TERC).

Guests, including funders, teachers, administrators, professional developers, industry, and the public are invited to watch the videos, post comments to the presenters’ discussions, and vote for the “Public Choice” during the seven days of the live event.

Votes for Rogoff's video in the "Public Choice" category may be made online here.