WellTrack, an online resource for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Gary Dunn, CAPS Director

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is adding a new tool to help with emerging concerns prior to the need for therapy, to add to the many therapeutic options currently offered.

Students, faculty, and staff of UC Santa Cruz now have access to WellTrack, an online resource for stress, anxiety, and depression reduction. WellTrack is a secure and anonymous way for users to assess their personal well-being and quickly gain access to resources tailored to meet their individual needs. Students and staff will be able to engage with self-guided tools designed to help them adjust their thoughts and behavior.

WellTrack is available online at mywelltrack.com; access has been paid for by CAPS. Access cards, posters, and other marketing materials will be placed across campus with the access code provided. MoodCheck, the companion mobile app to WellTrack, provides users with a quick and easy way to check in their mood while on the go.  MoodCheck is available for free from the Apple App Store and from Google Play for Android.

WellTrack originates from the work of Darren Piercey, a psychology professor at the University of New Brunswick. Piercey’s laboratory research investigated Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT) for depression, stress, and anxiety.

CAPS primarily serves UC Santa Cruz students and, in support of student well-being, provides consultation services for faculty and staff. The purchase of a limited-time campus-wide license for WellTrack comes with access not only for students, but for faculty and staff as well.

“The more familiar we are with the resources available to our campus community, the easier it will be to introduce students to the resources," said Dorje Jennette, CAPS clinical director. "Everyone in the campus community is encouraged to check out WellTrack while we pilot their service.”