Nominations needed for Student Volunteer Center's annual service recognition awards

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Dean of Students on behalf of the Student Volunteer Center

Hello Slugs!  Know someone who always gives a helping hand? The Student Volunteer Center is hosting its annual Service Recognition Ceremony. We want to honor anyone who has had exemplary service work, on or off campus, during their time at UC Santa Cruz.

Nominate a student, faculty or staff member, student organization, or even yourself at There are five categories: silver service award, gold service award, platinum service award, student organization/Greek award, faculty/staff award. We will honoring those nominated with a special dinner and reflection back on all of their hard work. Deadline for nominations is Friday, May 6, 2016 by 5 p.m.  Direct questions to or 831-459-3363.

Silver, gold, and platinum awards are for individual students who have completed exemplary unpaid volunteer or internship work. Each award is based on quarters served. For instance, if someone has completed eight quarters of service work for an organization, they can be nominated for the platinum award.

The student organization/Greek award is to celebrate a group of students that goes beyond the call of duty. For instance, if there is a Greek org that has done more philanthropy work than is necessary or has done their philanthropy work with great dedication, they can be nominated.

For staff, we are looking for staff members who go beyond their work duties to offer their services and time to others. Preferably, we look for staff members who do this extra work without pay, but feel free to still nominate someone if you feel that they are deserving.

Nominations may be made at through a google form. Please make all nominations by 5 p.m. Friday, May 6.

Each nominated person will be reviewed; if they meet the qualifications, they will receive an invitation to the Service Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony will consist of a dinner and award presentation. For the award presentation, we will use what each nominator writes about the person to highlight their achievements. Each nominated person, staff, and students, will be allowed to choose a gift card donated from local Santa Cruz businesses. Everyone will be given a certificate for their achievements. Nominators will also be invited to partake in the festivities.