May 11 deadline for Global Food Initiative fellowship applications

UC Santa Cruz invites applications for student fellowship opportunities with the University of California Global Food Initiative (UC GFI). Four year-long fellowships of $4,000 each are availalbe to support outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to work with campus faculty and staff on core objective areas of GFI.

Areas include agroecology and sustainable agriculture, food access and security, food equity, experiential learning, as well as campus community supported agriculture (CSA) projects and farmer's markets.

Applicants must be enrolled as undergraduate or graduate students at UC Santa Cruz for the entire 2016-2017 academic year. Deadline to apply is May 11. Application forms are available at this link.

More information about the UC Global Food Initiative is available at Information about UCSC''s GFI projects may be found at

Please note that fellowship funding will be administered as a departmental award. Applicants should be aware that receipt of a fellowship may affect financial aid packages, if relevant. Questions about impact on financial aid may be discussed with financial aid officers.