Openings in Commuter Vanpool Program

To: UCSC Community

From:  Larry Pageler, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

There are current openings in two UCSC vanpools:  one from Aptos, and one from the San Lorenzo Valley. Passengers in these vanpools have a work schedule of 8:00am – 5:00pm and work at the main UCSC campus. If you are considering how to reduce your commute stress, fuel and parking expenses, vanpooling could be the answer.

Vanpooling is comprised of trained volunteer drivers (UCSC staff) who drive a UCSC 12-passenger vehicle. They meet passengers at a central location near their home and then drop them off at convenient stops on campus with enough time to get to their offices. At the end of the day, the vanpool does the reverse route bringing everyone home. 
Passengers for these routes pay a monthly fee of $54 through pre-tax payroll deduction. Included in the program is a free Emergency Ride Home voucher that allows use of a taxi service when there is an unexpected need to leave the campus before the vanpool’s regular schedule. Passengers also get an average of four free parking permits per month for those days when a personal vehicle is needed for errands. 

As an introductory offer, TAPS encourages new passengers to try out the vanpool for a week without charge or obligation.

Discover why there are almost 200 people commuting to work on UCSC vanpools! For more information, contact Joanna Palmer at, or at 831-459-4289