Lick Observatory field trip available to undergraduate students

Undergraduate students have an opportunity through the Institute for the Arts and Sciences to learn about the intersections between art and astronomy.

On May 20—21, students will join astronomers and artists for a two-day field trip to the historic UC Lick Observatory on top of Mount Hamilton. As part of Seeing and Knowing in Art and Astronomy, they will learn about the Lick’s history and take part in workshops.

These workshops will use the Lick Observatory's resources—its immense telescopes, and archive of historical photographs, documents, and astronomical instruments—to ask questions about the relationship between how we see and how we know.

Working with artists and astronomers, students can explore how expectations, tools and technology, professional training, institutional framing, and our own values and histories influence perception. 

Students participating in the workshop will be eligible to team up to apply for grants of up to $1,500 to fund one-time art and science projects such as mini-exhibitions, student events, performances, speakers, and more. Transportation, food, and accommodations are provided.

To apply, send a one-page (~250 word) email telling us about yourself and why this sounds like something you’d enjoy to

Seeing and Knowing in Art and Astronomy is sponsored by the UCSC Institute of the Arts and Sciences, with support from UC Lick Observatory, and Theoretical Astrophysics Santa Cruz.