Flushing of campus water mains set to begin Monday, Feb. 8

The UC Santa Cruz Physical Plant is responsible for maintenance of all water mains on campus. During the week of Feb. 8, Physical Plant crews will conduct a campus water-main-flushing program.

Historically, this flushing program has been an annual event, however because of the prolonged drought and conservation considerations it has not been done in recent years.  Water main flushing is a vital part of maintaining water-quality standards mandated by the state of California. It also assures availability of water at appropriate pressures in emergencies.

The flushing requires high flow for short periods of time and is done at key fire hydrant locations around campus. Crews do everything they can to minimize impact to roads and landscape during these brief, high-flow periods and ask for the patience and understanding of the campus community while the process is underway.

The health and welfare of all on campus is in the mission statement of the Physical Plant and hydrant flushing is part of that mission. Physical Plant thanks you for your understanding.