Social sciences faculty awarded $8 million in research funding

Faculty in the Social Sciences Division of UC Santa Cruz garnered more than $8 million in research funding from just over 100 grants for the year August 2014 to August 2015, Dean Sheldon Kamieniecki announced.
“The financial crisis has forced us to search for external sources of funding more aggressively than ever before, and this includes grant sources,” Kamieniecki wrote to division faculty.

“Overall, there has been a welcome movement towards securing larger grant awards from different government sources,” he said. He noted that grants can include “critical financial assistance for graduate students and such funding will be essential as we continue to increase the number of Ph.D. students in the division.”

Faculty and their research projects receiving grants greater than $50,000 are:

Maureen Callanan, (Psychology), "Collaborative Research: Explaining, Exploring, and Scientific Reasoning in Museum Settings," National Science Foundation (NSF), $485,686.

Lars Fehren-Schmitz, (Anthropology), "Collaborative Research: Population Genetics of Machu Picchu," NSF, $248,720.

Lars Fehren-Schmitz and Kelly Harkins, (Anthropology), "The Paleoepidemiology, Dispersal and Evolution of Chagas Disease in the Americas: Investigating Past to Present Human Parasitism through the Molecular and Archaeological Record," NSF, $217,611.

Ron Glass and Rodney Ogawa, (Education), "Collaborative Research for an Equitable California," UC Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI), $303,935.

Shelly Grabe, (Psychology), "Community Mobilization in Rural Nicaragua: Transformative Changes in Women's Political Participation," Reed Foundation, $60,000.

Judith Habicht-Mauche, (Anthropology), "Tracing Pueblo IV Social Networks through Glaze-Paint Communities of Practice in the Upper Little Colorado and Western Zuni Regions of the American Southwest," NSF, $83,970.

Phillip Hammack, (Psychology), "Subaward: Identity Stress and Health in Three Cohorts of Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals," UCLA, $92,903.

Karen Holl, (Environmental Studies), "Theory and Application of Medium-Term Successional Dynamics in Secondary Tropical Forest," NSF, $400,000.

Lisa Hunter, Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators (ISEE), "Akamai Internship Program," Hawaii Community Foundation, $75,000.

Lisa Hunter, (ISEE), as part of "Sustaining Excellence: New Awards for Science Education to Research Institutes - 2014 Competition," Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Dean Paul Koch, PBSci, PI, $103,738.

Lisa Hunter, (ISEE), for International Fellowships, Thirty-Meter Telescope International Observatory LLC, $80,000.

Lisa Hunter, (ISEE), "Akamai/TMT Collaboration in 2013," Thirty-Meter Telescope International Observatory LLC, $110,000.

Lisa Hunter, (ISEE), "“Workshop on Building Institutional Capacity for Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring in Astronomy,” NSF, $48,412.

Andrew S. Mathews, (Anthropology), "President's Postdoctoral Fellow, Kristina Lyons," UCOP, $62,640.

Regina Langhout ,(Psychology), "2014 FIPSE First in the World," U.S. Department of Education, $279,166.

Ruth Langridge, (Politics), "Management of California's Groundwater Adjudicated Basins: Current Condition, Potential Reforms," The John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation, $93,457.

Ruth Langridge, (Politics), "California's Adjudicated Groundwater Basins," California State Water Resources Control Board, $96,512.

Michael Loik, (Environmental Studies), "Using Coastal Fog to Enhance Sustainable Water Use in a California Agricultural System," USDA/CSREES/NIFA, $149,999.

Rebecca A. London, (Education), "Assessing Playworks' New TeamUp Model in Promoting High-Quality Recess in Elementary Schools and Enhancing a Culture of Health," Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, $151,500.

Lucinda Pease-Alvarez, (Education), "The Role of Talk in Teaching Writing to Elementary Grade English Learners (EIs)," Spencer Foundation, $50,000.

Daniel Press, (Environmental Studies and CASFS), "Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Curricular Integration/Enhancement and Education and Training in Sustainable Organic Agriculture," Clarence Heller Foundation, $100,000.

Daniel Press, (Environmental Studies and CASFS), "Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems Curricular Integration/Enhancement and Education and Training in Sustainable Organic Agriculture," True North Foundation, $50,000.

Daniel Press (Environmental Studies and CASFS), "Expanding and Improving Sustainable Agriculture Education at UCSC," Eucalyptus Foundation, $75,000.

Daniel Press, (Environmental Studies and CASFS), "University of California Global Food Initiative: Student Food Pantry and Access Best Practices Subcommittee Additional Funding," UCOP, $124,262.

Catherine Ramirez, (Latin American and Latino Studies), "Non-citizenship," The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, $175,000.

Jonathan Robinson, (Economics), "Transport Costs and Fertilizer Adoption in Tanzania," London School of Economics and Political Science, $226,742.

Particia Stoddart and Eduardo Mosqueda, (Education), "ELLISA (English Language and Literacy): Integration in Subject Areas," U.S. Department of Education, $365,987.

Michael Strong, (Education), "Subaward: East Carolina University Teacher Quality Partnership - Evaluation Application," East Carolina University, $160,160.

Anna Tsing, (Anthropology), "President's Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015-16," UCOP, $62,436.

Stephen Whittaker, (Psychology), grant for journal editor and administration, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, $159,304.

Chris Wilmers, (Environmental Studies), "Energy Scavenging Collar for Animal Physiology and Ecology (ESCAPE),", NSF, $107,967.

Erika Zavaleta, (Environmental Studies), "Ecosystems of California," Innovative Learning Technologies Initiative, UCOP, $109,000.