Launch of additional 'smart' bike lockers

To: UC Santa Cruz Community

From: Larry Pageler, director of Transportation and Parking Services

The new "smart" bike locker at Porter College.
Bike locker at SE Library
The new "smart" bike locker at the Sciences and Engineering Library.
Bike locker at Center for Ocean Health
The new "smart" bike locker at the Center for Ocean Health.

In response to requests from cyclists for secure bike parking, Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is pleased to announce that 12 additional "smart" bike lockers have recently been installed at both on- and off-campus locations. A total of 36 bike lockers are now available on the main campus at the following locations:

  • Baskin Engineering
  • Engineering 2
  • Porter College
  • Science & Engineering Library

An additional four lockers are available at the Coastal Science Campus: two at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and two at the Center for Ocean Health.

These lockers (co-funded by Caltrans and TAPS) are available to all UCSC employees, students and visitors on a first-come, first-served basis, and provide on-demand, safe, secure, and covered bike parking. All lockers are operated as part of the Bikelink network. A fee of $.05 per hour will be collected at the locker; the maximum rental time for any one rental period is ten days. Only a bicycle and its accessories may be stored in the locker.

To obtain a BikeLink card for use of the bike lockers, register online at BikeLink cards cost $20 and typically take three business days to arrive in the mail. Cards arrive activated and ready for use. All use fees are deducted from the card; there are no membership fees or ongoing costs aside from the hourly rental fee. More information is available at

BikeLink cards are honored at all Bay Area bike lockers on the BikeLink network; this includes over 100 bike lockers in the downtown Santa Cruz area. Bike locker locations can be found at

More information about bike lockers and other campus bike programs can be found at