Summer projects support our mission

Sarah Latham, Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services (Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta)

With the start of summer comes the launch of many campus facilities projects, from construction of an important new building to resurfacing the bike path.

While this work may cause temporary disruptions, it is critical to our ability to support and advance the UC Santa Cruz mission and to provide a safe, efficient, and functional campus. Some projects will be completed this summer, while others will take longer.

There's a lot going on, but it's exciting to see these projects get to this stage. I'm grateful to the talented teams that have worked behind the scenes for months—sometimes years—to bring these projects forward. Here are some of the highlights:

Coastal Biology building at Coastal Science campus
The new Coastal Biology building will provide more than 40,000 square feet of much-needed research and teaching space for the department of Ecology and Environmental Biology and includes major improvements to the campus infrastructure. Work began in May and is slated to wrap up in 2017.

Environmental Health and Safety facility
This new building will replace the undersized, inadequate facility used for the handling and storage of hazardous waste. The 5,200-square-foot building will be located off Heller Drive and is scheduled for completion in December 2018. The project will support campus research, reduce transportation risk and cost, and increase operational efficiencies.

Student life seismic corrections
This project will provide additional seismic strengthening to the Student Union, Redwood Building, and Cardiff House. It will also bring the facilities into compliance with accessibility standards, address major maintenance needs, and generally make the buildings more pleasant for students. 

Oakes College Amphitheater
New bench seating will restore the beauty of the theater and provide space for organized activities, as well as casual interactions.

Great Meadow bike path
To enhance safety and preserve the beauty of the path, we will recoat and restripe it.

Stairway reconstructions
To improve safety and comply with code requirements, we will replace stairways at the Cowell Hagar bus stop, the Kerr Hall pedestrian bridge, and the Kresge pedestrian bridge. Improvements will include adding handrails and slip-resistant tread surfacing.

Cowell and Stevenson road resurfacing
Resurfacing the Cowell/Stevenson road loop will eliminate hazards created by tree roots and potholes, beautifying the campus—and making it safer, too.

Redwood Grove Apartment pathway replacement 
Replacing pathways around the apartment complex will reduce hazards and beautify the landscape.

McHenry Library book stack lighting upgrade
This project will provide on-demand lighting in the stacks that will automatically adjust for different levels of daylight, enhancing functionality while reducing energy use.

Engineering complex absorption chiller installations 
Replacing inefficient chillers with high-efficiency heat-driven technology will allow us to capture heat normally discharged by the central boiler plant to power the production of chilled water for cooling. This project will save money and energy.

Thimann Laboratory air balancing  
Rebalancing air circulation systems in Thimann laboratories will generate considerable energy savings.

Redwood Grove Apartment furnace replacements
Installing new furnaces will save energy and provide more reliable heating systems for students.

Hahn Student Services air handler replacement 
Replacing inefficient units that are more than 40 years old with new technology will save energy and give building occupants more comfort control.